Owner & Founder

An idea is a basic idea that we all want to realize, for some it is a long way and for some a short way... Believe in yourself and success is guaranteed.

Nenad Divjak

Owner & Founder

Nenad Divjak is a Owner & Founder of new online advertiser of machines, parts for machine and products.


Nenad Divjak biography

MPP project

              Divjak Nenad is founder and owner of MPP(Machines, parts and products). The idea is to bring together all manufacturers of machines, machine parts and products. 

             When i say machines i think about machines for (Thermoforming, Extrusion, Blowing, Print and other technology who working with plastic. The idea is to gather all producers in one place, both machines and machine parts manufacturers. Category (Product) manufacturers will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their products like ( cups, cartone cups, bottle and other products).

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